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Welcome to the homepage of the computer labs (CIP-Pools) of the Department of Computer Science at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

You can find most of our CIP-Pools in the blue Computer-Science-Building located in Martensstrasse 3, 91058 Erlangen. For more information, please consider the pages about the CIP-Pools.

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cooling device maintenance 31.3. - 8.4.2014. Unavailability of some services

Due to the installation of new cooling devices, some of the cip services will be unavailable. ciptmp will be inaccessible until proper cooling is ensured again.

Update: ciptmp is available again (at least for now, we're monitoring the temperature situation).

-- Sebastian Hahn

Posted Tue 25 Mar 2014 12:00:00 AM CET

unavailability of some cip services

Currently, some of our services are offline due to a general cooling device failure at the university. Currently, ciptmp, machines running windows and some sunray servers are down. We don't yet have any information on how long this outage may last.

Update: The issues are expected to last until at least Tuesday morning, but we were able to restore ciptmp service. Windows and some sunray servers remain down for now.

Update2: All services are operating normally again.

-- Sebastian Hahn

Posted Mon 24 Mar 2014 12:00:00 AM CET

Backup power test on Tuesday, April 1st

On Tuesday, April 1st 2014, the backup power supply will be tested, starting around 6am. The CIP pool will be unavailable during that time as a complete shutdown will be necessary. We expect the power outages to last until around 8am, and the CIP pool should be fully operational again at around 10am.

Please note that this is not an April fool's joke.

-- Sebastian Hahn

Posted Tue 18 Mar 2014 12:00:00 AM CET