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Welcome to the homepage of the computer labs (CIP-Pools) of the Department of Computer Science at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. You can find most of our computer labs in the blue Computer-Science-Building located in Martensstrasse 3, 91058 Erlangen.

About this page

CIP Pool registration in times of Corona

Remote registration and password reset via IdM login is now possible at

Corona state

Since 03.04.2022 a new policy applies regarding COVID-19. The following rules apply when using the CIP-Pools:
  • Washing your hands before entering and after leaving the room
  • Keeping a distance of 1,5 metres from other people whenever possible but use up to full room capacity is allowed
  • Masks:
    • Wearing a medical mask (FFP2 recommended) that covers mouth and nose while entering and leaving the room
    • While seated at desk, mask can be removed if minimum distance of 1,5 metres can be maintained
  • On arrival sanitize mouse, keyboard and other equipment with the provided special sanitizing cloth in the white box near the entrance
  • Protect yourself and others on your own responsibility
  • Please note: You need to activate your student card for door locking in order to access the building.
  • Working in the CIP-Pools is possible Monday - Thursday (8am - 6pm) and Friday (8am - 4pm). Outside these times the doors of the CIP-Pools are locked.


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CIP1, CIP6 Power Shutdown 2022-04-21

Tomorrow, Thursday 21st April there will be a power shutdown on the first floor of the main CS building between 6:30am and 8am. All clients which are located in CIP1, CIP1-N and CIP6 (WinCIP) are not available during the shutdown.

-- Timur Perst

Posted Wed 20 Apr 2022 12:00:00 AM CEST

CIP-Pool Power Shutdown 2022-04-12

On next tuesdays 12th April there will be a complete power shutdown in the entire CIP-Pools during the period of 6 AM to 10 PM. During this time it will be impossible to work in the rooms themselves which also includes remote access. The server room is not affected and thus you can still use machines like cipterm0 for remote work on this day.

-- Michael Panzlaff

Posted Sat 09 Apr 2022 12:00:00 AM CEST

Kernel Upgrade 2022-03-09

Today on 2022-03-09 after 8 PM our Gitlab instance will be rebooted and be offline for a brief moment.

-- Michael Panzlaff

Posted Wed 09 Mar 2022 12:00:00 AM CET