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Opening hours

The doors to the computer science building and all CIP Pools are open during the day (06:30 - 20:00) on workdays.

Door lock system

If you need to use the CIP-Pool or enter the computer science building at other times, you can register your FAUcard for the electronic door lock system.

If you can not open a door but you're sure you have access, please contact us.

Getting access


In order to activate your FAUCard, you have to apply for it in the IDM system via the entry Door Access - Computer Science Tower. It will be active within an hour.


Talk to the administrative staff of your chair or institute. They will advise you on the necessary steps.

Lost your card

Immediately disable your card via the IDM system or by mail.

A lost card can be used to gain unauthorized access and wreak all kinds of havoc. The person showing up in the access logs will be you, so it is in your best interest to get a lost card disabled as soon as possible.

Granting access to various doors (for staff only)

Please send us an S/MIME-signed email from your FAU email account using common style (Introductory and additional remarks are explictly permitted) containing the following strict request format for the desired door access (see below for the door list):

allow <token|login|fauid> <doorgroup> <YYYY-MM-DD|forever>


# Token
allow D01234 INFORMATIK 2026-12-31

# Login
allow ab12cdef MANLOBBI 2026-12-31

allow 00000123456 MANLOBBI forever

Please only one statement per line. Doorgroups with a suffix _UL and 'UNLOCK' in their respective description have the additional right to unlock doors for some period of time (e.g. for seminar rooms during lessons). Every access right is granted immediately and expires on the date given. Comments (beginning with '#') are allowed as long as they are in a line of their own. Furthermore leading zeros of the FAU ID can be dropped, as long as the whole sequence spans 4 or more numerals. Please also tell us if tokens, logins or FAU-IDs belong to an employee (not a student or "HIWI").

How do I permanently unlock doors?

Touch the reader twice within 2 to 7 seconds with your card or token. Make sure, that you keep your card / token at a large enough distance in between.

Door list

doorgroup description
AQUARIUM 0.031-113 Eingang
AQUARIUM_UL 0.031-113 Eingang
BELLOLABS 0.033 I4-Nord I4-Ostflur I4-Sued I4-Westflur Manlobbi Manlobbi-Flur I4-Nebeneingang-Bellos Validierung
DEP-11.125 11.125-1 11.125-2
DEP-11.125_UL 11.125-1 11.125-2
EGPA 00.157 HH-Hinten HH-Links HH-Rechts
FABLAB-EXTERN 02.171 FabLab U1.154 Validierung
FABLAB-BETREUER 02.171 FSV FabLab U1.154 Validierung
FSI 02.150 02.152
FSICE 02.132
FSV FSV-Raum + Außentüren
FSV-MITGLIEDER FSV-Raum + FSV-Schrank + Außentüren
I1-MITARBEITER 12.110 12.150
I1-MITARBEITER_UL 12.110 12.150
I2-CIP 05.125
I2-MITARBEITER 04.150 05.125 05.130 05.150
I2-MITARBEITER_UL 04.150 05.125 05.130 05.150
I2-STUDENT 05.125 05.150
I2-DDI-LABOR 05.134
I2-KUECHE 05.110
I3-02.153 02.153
I3-LABOR 02.170
I3-MITARBEITER 02.153 02.170 02.172 07.150
I3-MITARBEITER_UL 02.153 02.170 02.172 07.150
I3-ROBOT 02.172
I3-ROBOT_UL 02.172
I3-SEMINAR 07.150
I3-SEMINAR_UL 07.150
I4-SERVER I4-Nord I4-Serverraum I4-Sued I4-Westflur Manlobbi Manlobbi-Flur
I5-ALL 01.134
I5-BILD 01.134
I6-01.152 01.152
I7-CIP 04.158
I7-LAB 02.176
I7-MITARBEITER 02.176 04.158
I7-MITARBEITER_UL 02.176 04.158
I7-STUDENT 02.176
I8-MITARBEITER 11.110 11.125-1 11.125-2 11.150
I8-MITARBEITER_UL 11.110 11.125-1 11.125-2 11.150
INF-01.1541 01.154-1
INFORMATIK 00.151 00.152 00.153 00.156 01.153 01.155 01.155-Neben 02.133 02.134 02.135 02.151 HH-Hinten HH-Links HH-Rechts Huber-Aussen Huber-CIP
INFORMATIK-STUD 00.151 00.152 00.153 00.156 01.153 01.155 01.155-Neben 02.133 02.134 02.135 02.151 HH-Hinten HH-Links HH-Rechts Huber-Aussen Huber-CIP
ISER HH-Hinten HH-Links HH-Rechts
MANLOBBI I4-Nord I4-Ostflur I4-Sued I4-Westflur Manlobbi Manlobbi-Flur I4-Nebeneingang-Bellos Validierung
MEDTECH 01.150
OSR-MITARBEITER 11.110 11.150
OSR-MITARBEITER_UL 11.110 11.150
ROBOTICS 02.171 U1.154
WuV-MITARBEITER 11.110 11.125-1 11.125-2 11.150
WuV-MITARBEITER_UL 11.110 11.125-1 11.125-2 11.150