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Time changes, and so do we. Over the last few years we installed more and more computer labs due to the growing number of students. However, these CIP-pools are spread across two different buildings, the Blue Computer Science (CS) Building and Casa Huber.

Map, Martensstrasse 3

Blue CS-Building

The Blue CS-Builing is located in Martensstrasse 3, 91058 Erlangen (Open Street Map).

Opening Hours

Unlimited access per FAU-Card possible.

Building Plans

2nd Floor, Blue CS-Building

Second Floor, Martensstrasse 3

1st Floor, Blue CS-Building

First Floor, Martensstrasse 3

Ground Floor, Blue CS-Building

Ground Floor, Martensstrasse 3

Casa Huber

Since 2011, there is an additional CIP-Pool which is meant for high-performance and graphical programming. It is located within the Casa Huber in Martensstrasse 5a, 91058 Erlangen (Open Street Map).