Installing the SunRay Server Software on Debian GNU/Linux

Please choose which version you want to install. The current production release is 4.1 and should probably be used on most installations.

GDM 2.8 package for SRSS on Debian:

Jean-charles compiled the Ubuntu GDM 2.8 (this already includes the SUN patches) on Debian and provided the binary to me. You can download it here: gdm_2.8.0.5-0ubuntu1_i386.deb. Phillip Steinbachs provided the necessary xmgr-files you can download here: xmgr-gdm.tar

Phillip Steinbachs also provides new GDM 2.13 packages, which improve stability. They can be found at his site:

Obsolete Sunray GDM-Patches (are in GDM mainstream now):

Jean-charles was able to get the patches which are in the sunray GDM-package. You can download these patches here: gdm-, gdm-
Another solution (without patching gdm) is to use his utxd.
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