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Markus, Yosemite
I'm a former student at the FAU, the University of Erlangen where I studied Computer Science. After finishing school in June 1992 I happened to study Computational Linguistics here in Erlangen, but I soon realized that something went very wrong, so I switched to Computer Science in November 1993 (Studien/Diplomarbeit).

I have been working for the Sprachenzentrum (June 1993 - July 1995), doing part time sysadmin jobs at their Novell based student's computer pool. From May 1995 to the beginning of 1999 I worked at the IMMD: together with my colleagues I maintained another student's network of about 120 Unix workstations. During the last year I was working here, there and everywhere.

Currently, I am working for at GeNUA and for the OpenBSD/OpenSSH projects.

Links to my pictures from Ireland, Cinque Terre and US-SouthWest, Samuel Beckett (what is the word), East Nashway Drive, (same in color, from, or MapsOnUs), OpenBSD and OpenSSH run on my vaio, Plan 9, DigiCrime, Andechs mit Defti und Axel, loddas dagebuch, tv, frames.